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-Umi's Journal-
I don't write in here much, but I do check my flist everyday!

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うみ [userpic]

Selling post! Buy stuff from me so I can repair my rear-ended Love Machine car! <3

Updated September 8, 2014

→ I will consider reasonable offers, and trades (cloooooooothes), (if I am interested). I'll give you a discount if you buy more than one item!

→ I will ship internationally, at buyers expense.

→ Image heavy, gomen! ><; Right click an image, then select "View Image" to view it in full size. I can take more detailed photos upon request!

→ I do have cats, so if you are allergic to cat hair/dander and you buy something from me, I will not be held responsible for any type of allergic reaction(s).

That being said, come take a look! ♥★

I'm also looking for an issue of Margaret magazine! Doesn't matter which one, as long as its in good condition and low price!

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Thank you for looking!!! <33333

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うみ [userpic]

This will be the place holder for all my color bars, awards, blog crew, and fan listing graphics so it dont clog up my user info anymore. ~_~

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うみ [userpic]

My graphic journal: umigami

If you are going to use any of these, I would appreciate it if you credited shojo_no_umi where ever you have anything of mine posted!

Anyone want to donate to me? I can make you a graphic or layout if you want! :D You dont even need a Paypal account to do it, just a debit or credit card! :D Comment/email me for details~

Dont forget to join d_princesses!

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うみ [userpic]

This journal is Friends Only! If youre interested in being my friend, go ahead and add me and drop me a comment! Im always open to new friends with similar interests! \o/

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